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Facility Application Process

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  • Solo Practice Licensure Questions: Determine whether you qualify for the Solo Practice exception
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Chiropractic Facility Online Application

By the Division of Professional Licensure

About the Facility Application Process

Application Directions

Thank you for commencing the on-line application process for licensing a Chiropractic Facility. A few words of explanation before you begin will make the process go more smoothly.

Important Information

Important InformationDownload the list (PDF) outlining the information the applicants should collect before starting the application.

1) The first thing you will be asked to do is identify a Chiropractor of Record (CHOR) for the Chiropractic Facility. She or he will be responsible for the Chiropractic Facility's compliance with the laws of the Commonwealth and the rules and regulations of the Board. The Chiropractor of Record must have a minimum of 4 years of verifiable experience as a licensed chiropractor in Massachusetts or another jurisdiction and hold a current, valid license in Massachusetts without disciplinary restrictions. If the person you have selected for this position does not meet these criteria, you may apply to the Board for a waiver (PDF).

2) The next screens ask for general information about the business, the owners, and the employees. Some of the information is quite sensitive and you MUST inform the involved individuals prior to submission. Notification forms are included in the linked information-collection worksheet (the box above).

If you do not have all the information you need on hand, you may save an application and return to it later. Use the "Save/Logout" button at the bottom of each page.

3) If you Save/Logout an incomplete application, you will need three pieces of information to re-enter:

  • the license number of the Chiropractor of Record (CHOR Number),
  • the Application Number (which you will see when you log out),
  • and a password (which you will select).

Please save this information so you can return to the application.

4) Solo practitioners may apply for a Chiropractic Facility license, but they are not required to do so. If you are not sure whether your office qualifies as a solo practice, please read this explanatory document and the frequently asked questions.

5) A Chiropractic Facility license is for one specific location. If a practice operates in several locations, please note that each place must have a Chiropractic Facility license (unless the solo practice exception applies - see above).

6) Note: each facility needs a unique name. If one entity (or one person) owns several facilities, you may want to add the location to the Chiro Facility name. For example, Smith Chiropractic - Boston and Smith Chiropractic - Worcester.

7) To apply for more than one Chiropractic Facility license, you can copy the first application, and change just the information relevant to each particular location. To do this, choose "Clone Application" at the bottom of the page. You may select this option either before or after you "submit" the application.

8) The Board is empowered to cross check the information you provide, so if you are unsure about something, don't guess. Please take the time to give accurate information or else your application may be delayed, and you may be asked not only to provide additional documentation, but also to meet with the Board to explain any discrepancies.

9) When you have completed the application, hit "Submit Application." A copy of the completed application will be visible to you; we suggest you print this for your own records.

10) In order for the Board to process your application, you must print a receipt and mail it to the Division of Professional Licensure with a cashier's check or money order in the amount of $300, payable to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. If you are applying for a CHOR Experience Waiver (PDF), please include that document with your check and receipt.

11) The Board will review your application and verify the information you have included. Please allow 60 days before emailing to inquire about your status. As soon as the license has been approved, it will be posted on our internet "Check a License" site.

12) The Chiropractic Facility license will be sent to you by mail. It is a small wallet-sized card with the name of the Chiropractic Facility, the license number, the issue date and expiration date on its face. The Chiropractic regulations require you to post this, as well as the licenses of all employees, in a place that is obvious to patients and members of the public who enter your facility. You may post true copies of the licenses rather than the originals.

13) You may not make changes to your application after you submit it. You may look at it, however, and make a copy that can be altered and submitted as another Chiropractic Facility license application by using the "clone" function. To re-enter the application database, you will need the license number of the Chiropractor of Record, the Application Number, and your password.

14)A: If you change the Chiropractor of Record, you must notify the Board within five (5) business days. Additionally, a $50.00 change fee, payable to the Commonwealth, must accompany the notification.

B: If you transfer the ownership interest of the facility, you must notify the Board within sixty (60) business days PRIOR to the sale or change in CONTROLLING interest. Additionally, upon transfer the entity or individual holding the controlling interest, must return the existing license and apply for a new facility license.

C: If you should move the facility to new location, you must notify the Board within sixty (60) business days. Additionally, you must return the existing license and apply for a new facility license.

15) These directions are intended to assist you through the Chiropractic Facility application process, but they do not carry the weight of law. The Massachusetts laws and regulations governing chiropractic are posted on the Board's website and are available in hard copy from the State Book Store, Massachusetts State House, Room 116, Boston, MA 02133 ph: (617) 727-2834.

If you have questions regarding this Application, please contact the Board.

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